Is Stucco Good to Use for Denver Weather

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Stucco wall, they are durable and water-resistant.

Stucco is considerably the most affordable and quality home building material. Stucco gives a home additional architectural design, which is available in beautiful customized patterns.

Aside from beautifying the home’s exterior look, stucco can also beautify the kitchen or room. In this article, we shall explain why stucco is good for Denver. Also, we shall mention Denver Weathers that are unsuitable for stucco. 


About Stucco

Stucco offers the best finishing to your home, even Denver homes. One of its great merits is its durability, also highly water-resistant. This advantage makes it the best sought-after design for homes. Stucco offers so many advantages to the home prop to its internal components. 

Construction workers mixing stucco. Creative Commons image under license CC2.

The old method of making stucco materials involve a combination of sand and cement mixed with water, and lime, which acts as a catalyst and provides its durability property. After this process, pigments are added, which gives the stucco its variable beautiful architectural colors. Read more about what is stucco made of.

Exterior Insulation and Finish system Stucco (EIFS), otherwise known as Synthetic stucco, is common in this modern age. Synthetic stucco is composed of acrylic materials combined with insulation board and exterior sheathing coats. There are no significant differences between old or Traditional stucco and synthetic stucco; they both provide the aesthetic feel for your home. 

Another advantage of stucco (Traditional and Synthetic) is that they are of high-quality materials and flexible, making them highly resistant to cracks. In addition, they are considerably affordable with unlimited opportunities for quality patterns and colors. You don’t need to worry about your home getting damaged due to minor hazards, as stucco is resistant to temperature, sound, and minor fire incidences. 

The only demerits of stucco are in their mixing and price range. Another factor is their installation, which only an expert must do. Improper installation by non-experts often leads to poor mixing of materials- which subjects the home to damage in the future. Tight spacing in synthetic stucco allows for the accumulation of dirt, insects, and water, making its damage easier without maintenance. 

Weather in Denver

Before choosing the type of stucco material for your home in Denver- Traditional and synthetic stucco; the Denver weather must be considered an influencing factor.  There are different forms of weather in Denver. Each occurs in different months for different durations. Seasons in Denver are – Spring, Fall, Summer, and Winter. 

Stucco house during the spring season. Creative Commons image under license CC2.

The Spring season consists of sunshine, snow, and rainfall, with about two months, mostly April and May. During this period, there is a rise in temperature, which provides a comfortable environment for breeding domestic birds, butterflies and moths. Residents of Denver during this season experience a cold night that lasts half of the season. Denver is fun during the mid-spring season- relaxed and average conducive temperature and environment. 

Stucco is perfect for this weather as it helps keep the interior of the home hot. Stucco materials absorb heat, hence providing a warm temperature for the inside. 

A bright environment describes the fall season. Denver’s environment is enjoyable during the fall season as it is an excellent environment similar to autumn but with crisp temperatures and the feeling of winter. No doubt, stucco cannot be easily damaged during the fall season in Denver. More so, stucco provides warmth for the inside; the exterior is rigid enough to serve an aesthetic role and protection.  

The summer season in Denver brings about rainfall (though short) and sunlight for at least 16 hours daily. This hot weather makes Denver conducive for everyone and tourists. Adventures, tours, and fun activities are best during this season in Denver. Duration is around June, July, and August- 3 great months of absolute fun! 

Stucco can withstand this hot weather under proper maintenance and installation. Here, there must be no holes or open spaces in the stucco to prevent waterlogging and damage. 

Winter season in Denver. Creative Commons – Copyright-Only Dedication* (based on United States law)
or Public Domain Certification

Winter, the season of snow and tranquility for everyone, coupled with sufficient sunlight, low humidity, and bearable temperature, makes Denver a fun place to travel during winter. Unlike most places with high winter experience, winter in Denver provides an excellent environment for stucco. 

Stucco is the best option to maintain the internal heat of the home. Proper installation prevents leaks and increases water resistance. Excess moisture from snow may accumulate within the stucco causing it to crack. However, with proper maintenance, stucco will last several years.

Stucco is arguably the best housing material for Denver. Regardless of the weather, the home will always be in good form- both internal and external. 

Merits of using Stucco in Denver

Stucco provides a durable option for a beautiful space. This feature is a significant advantage during the fall and summer seasons in Denver. It helps in maintaining a balance in temperature. 

Stucco is available in different designs, colors, and sizes, giving buyers a wide variety of options.

Different variations of stucco material. Creative Commons image under license CC (1,2,3)
Blue variation of stucco material. Creative Commons image under license CC (1,2,3)
Stucco can withstand both hot and cold temperatures. Creative Commons image under license CC (1,2,3)

Stucco is flexible and rigid, hence a solid building option to use in Denver. Stucco can withstand hot temperatures making it safe for owners to create heat without fire outbreaks especially during winter.

Good Maintenance Practices 

Though stucco is durable with long-lasting opportunities, there is a need for proper maintenance to boost and renew its qualities. One way to maintain stucco is by frequent cleaning. You can clean stucco with water and a bleach mixture. Then you can use a nylon brush to rub off the dirt from stucco with this procedure. Stucco absorbs dirt quickly, hence the need for regular cleaning. More so, look out for cracks on stucco; fix all cracks and holes early as noticed and eliminate all causes. Denver environment is a safe space for stucco material. Little maintenance and care are needed to help it serve a prolonged purpose. 

Other Alternatives

Thin brick house as stucco alternative. Creative Commons image under license CC2.

Stucco is still the best-recommended housing material for homes in Denver and any state. However, due to price and choice of design, there are few alternatives for Denver houses. Although these alternative housing materials are not as effective and durable as stucco, they serve few advantages for homes. 

Thin Brick: Thick brick is made from a mixture of clay and water. Though it offers the best quality options- it gives the home an appealing and charming look, fire protection, interior, and exterior qualities. Yet, it cannot withstand summer and extreme fire outbreaks like stucco. This makes it a bit unsuitable for use in Denver. However, it is worth a shot if maintenance is done regularly.

Vinyl Siding: Like stucco, it gives the right impression about your home- a perfect option for exterior and interior designs for homes and offices. It provides all opportunities as stucco; the only demerit is its rigidity. Due to a lack of flexibility, it cannot fit into specific designs and is susceptible to leaks. It is not also easy to maintain as stucco. The solid material is suitable for use in Denver but cannot serve a prolonged advantage as stucco. 


On a final note, Stucco housing materials- traditional and synthetic stucco is the best option to improve your home with. Installation and repair of stucco must be done strictly by an expert to prevent water penetration- during winter and cracks. Stucco helps safeguard your home by resisting heat and wind. Enjoy comfort, good reputation, and protection for your Denver home with stucco!

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