How To Remove Old Brick Stucco And Why?

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The exterior of any building is the second most important thing one should consider after the foundation of the house. The construction of premium houses under expert supervision gains incredible resilience. 

If your exterior has effective stucco siding, then 90 percent of your exterior protection is done. The rest, 10 percent, depends upon your periodic supervision and maintenance. You need a professional to detect the age, damages, and resistivity of your stucco. They make the stucco installation process easy and effective. But many questions arise before moving to a professional. 

What is the need for hiring a professional? 

Does it affect your house walls if you hire an unprofessional contractor? 

The answer is yes. But how? 

Let’s move ahead to know!

Stucco: Rudimentary Details

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The exterior protective layer, which resists the extreme outer condition to provide durability to the house– Stucco is that texture-finished guarding layer. It is an effective house siding resistant to heat, rot, termite infestation, and weather. 

Apart from traditional stucco, you have another option of synthetic one. Traditional stucco is versatile, as you can manipulate the texture. Synthetic stucco can resist water damages. Due to the presence of acrylic resin, it provides flexibility to the stucco and prevents cracking. 

Although stucco is not the only type of house siding, varieties such as vinyl siding and fiber-cement panels are present. But stucco is a premium building material as its far-fetched stability, and improved execution skills make it an ideal siding for houses and buildings in different weathers and tones.

You can apply stucco over any surface or house wall type. Both bricks and wooden surfaces are suitable for it. Stucco is a better fire and pest-resistance, which provides insane durability to the buildings. 

Composition And Validity Of Stucco

The composition of any material used for building houses is crucial; it will determine the house’s durability. The best quality stucco has a definite composition as preferred by experts and professional contractors. 

The perfect composition of a final stucco touch. Creative Commons License CC2

Stucco had come a long way to define the perfect composition. If we look back, the conventional stucco has only water, lime, and sand. The current configuration contains a very practical material– Portland cement. The sand and water are common in modern stucco too, but the synthetic stucco has acrylic resin. Some experts prefer to add glass fibers and acrylic to improve the layering three times compared to the traditional coating. 

If the composition is blended and applied with utmost professionality, it can easily last for 50 years and a maximum of 80 years. With less maintenance cost, the layer of stucco will provide incredible durability and strength to your exterior walls. It can resist extreme weather, bad air quality and can give an outstanding result. 

The vigor of your stucco needs a periodic check. No doubt, it’s a long-lasting material and requires less maintenance, but you could know the state of your stucco. If your stucco is faced with extreme conditions or old enough, you can notice some signs. There are some signs of understanding that your stucco is getting older and needs to change. 

A damaged and old stucco must have cracks and crumbles. It is the first sign you could notice. Further, it may have mosses, patches, weeds crack, leakage, and seepage of water. Keeping all these things in mind, you have to take immediate steps to avoid more extensive damage.

Aesthetics Of The Ace: Contractors

The application and maintenance of stucco have many details and technicalities. It is a matter of the safety of your house, and you must be getting the need of a professional stucco contractor to make the work done. 

You should go with an expert, as they have a handful of experience with stucco repair, mixing, and installation. They can evaluate and come up with the right solution for your walls. Only a professional can tell whether a traditional or synthetic stucco will work for your walls; how many coatings would be required if you go with traditional stucco. If the stucco is applied correctly, it will save your money from repeated repair costs of cracks and breakage. 

On the other hand, if you are planning to save money by doing the work yourself, or hire someone with no knowledge of stucco, think again! 

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If the mixing of stucco material and coating is not done correctly, then it will cost you even more. Anyway, you need to call an experienced contractor to repair the mess. Profound knowledge is required to apply stucco coating; an uneven layer can stress the basecoat and cause cracking and breakage. The mixing of stucco material has a definite ratio, which is the most significant factor. 

Undoubtedly, professional hands can save you time; your team of experts can apply stucco on the surface area of 1000 Square feet in just 3 to 5 days. If you try it yourself, it may take 10 to 15 days or even more to cover that much area. But professionals guarantee better finish and dedicated coating. As a result, you will have great walls for years.

Stucco Project: Pricing

The pricing strategy depends upon whether you apply stucco for the first time or want to remove, resurface or reapply it. The cost of every service varies with location, service provider, material, labor, equipment, and house dimensions. But we can get the minimum and maximum price of everything to draw out an average cost, and it may vary. 

Stucco Services Estimated Cost
Installation (1 ft²)$2- $14
Resurfacing (1 ft²)$3- $6
Removal (1 ft²)$1
Average house installation ( 1500 ft²) $750- $1250

The stucco services such as installation, resurfacing, and removal have different charges. The stucco installation cost may vary from $2 to $14, but people spend around $8 per square foot for a standard plan. 

The resurfacing of a square foot wall may cost you between $3 to $6, and most contractors are ready to do it at $5 if you want to remove the old stucco and reapply it; for that, you need to pay an additional $1 for each square foot. After meeting all these expenses, on average, it will take $8000 to stucco a house.

The materials needed for stucco will cost you around $5 to $7, which includes everything to prepare the mixture. The weather wrapping and coloring also come under this price range. You could quickly get skilled labor; they will charge you about $2 per square foot. You will get everything below $10 per square foot.

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Best Stucco Service Provider 

You might have understood the need for professionals in this crucial job; getting a professional is also not an easy task. If you want an experienced team, then Colorado Best Finished will be the most promising choice.

They have satisfied numerous clients with their stucco projects, and the team can advise you on the best possible way to execute the work. You can contact them and discuss your needs and expectations; they offer a free consultation for it. You can get the estimated cost you need to pay as a whole, including– material cost, labor charge, or add ons. An estimated cost for the whole project will also depend upon your requirements. 

They have plenty of budget-friendly offers. Colorado Best Finished has reasonable pricing; they have every possible stucco service as per your price ranges. You will visit their website to know the details.

Final Takeover

Stucco will always be a trusted protection layering of walls for millions of people around the globe. A perfect installation of stucco can give 80 years of long life to the walls. As stucco has such a big responsibility, it requires expert hands to show that strength in the installation. 

So, what did you decide? Should you hire a professional or hand over this responsibility to just anyone?

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